Bridgetown T-Shirt [SALE!!]

Have I got a deal for you today!  We’ve got some special, limited-edition Bridgetown T-Shirts for sale!  Well, for free with a $25 minimum donation to the mobile medical clinic!  Here’s a model photo for you!


Seriously, how cool is that!  Just donate $25 or more to the mobile medical clinic and I’ll send you a shirt!  It’s that simple.  Just let me know what size you need.  We’ve got:








Cause who doesn’t love pink?

Don’t forget to donate today!  I’ve only got a few shirts, so hurry to make sure you definitely get one!

(Also, if you’ve donated before and want a shirt – just send me an email and I’ll send you one as a thank you!)

Guest Post: Frugal Portland

During the WDS Charity Brew, my friend Kathleen, from Frugal Portland fame, took some great photos of the event.  I didn’t get them in time for the post, but I’d like to share them with you now.  Here is the gang learning how to brew beer!









On top of that, Kathleen’s blog is focused on teaching people how to live a great frugal lifestyle.  It’s got some quirk, just like Portland.  Earlier this month, she let me steal her blog for a bit to talk about my Birthday Fundraiser for the mobile medical clinic.

You can read more about my story and the challenge here.

The blog post also go picked up by another blog called The Dime!

Like I said in the Frugal Portland post:

I would like to issue a challenge to you this week:  To give generously, to someone else who cannot return the blessing.  Who will you give too?  Why? And what was the outcome?  For you and the individual you blessed?

WDS Charity Brew

Last month, a group of WDS attendees got together for the First Annual WDS Charity Brew event at Portland U-Brew and learned about one of Oregon's greatest exports: BEER! Over the course of a few hours, these WDS-ers learned how to brew kolsch, … [Continue reading]

BTown Kids


One of the other great things Bridgetown does is serve is BTown Kids.  This program creates space for children and families to develop community and capacity through encouragement, relationships and fun.  We go to multiple low-income apartment areas … [Continue reading]

Dental: For Just $5,000


Here is the deal:  The next $5,000.00, raised for the mobile medical clinic will go to retrofitting the RV to provide dental services.   This is a much needed service under the Bridge. A few weekends ago, I got the chance to volunteer at Portland's … [Continue reading]

Mobile Medical Clinic Day #1!

Front of the RV

  On Thursday, June 27, 2013, Bridgetown Inc. rolled out the very first mobile medical clinic under the Bridge at Night Strike.  Over the course of two hours, a doctor and four staff members saw 13 patients.  Everything from a pregnancy check … [Continue reading]

Homeless in the News

There have been a lot of news articles lately about the homeless issue in Portland lately. First, transient street kids hit a 70 year old man over the head with a skateboard. Then, the question was asked it Portland'd homeless are hurting … [Continue reading]

Radio Enso w/ Greg Berg [Podcast]

radio enso

The best thing about World Domination Summit is the connections you make.  I was introduced to Greg Berg via Twitter and after some quick online research, I realized a lot and I mean A LOT of my WDS friends have been on his podcast.  Plus, I got to … [Continue reading]

Homeless by Choice?


"How many are there by choice? Do they migrate south for the winter? (Not being a jerk. I had a class on homelessness in college and we interviewed this dude who wanted to b. And went to la for the winter with his rich parents.)" My friend Taylor … [Continue reading]

See what Night Strike is all about! [VIDEO]

Just thought you might like to see what Night Strike looks like on any given Thursday night. Check this video out: … [Continue reading]