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Myth One: Homeless people shouldn’t own dogs

One goal of this blog will be that will show some perspective and insight into homeless culture and issues.

Myth One:  Homeless people shouldn’t own dogs.

Bullet and Johnny serving under the Bridge

Bullet and Johnny serving under the Bridge

I know I’ve struggled with this for a long time.  I’ve heard my friends complain about it too.

“They can’t even afford to take care of themselves, how can they take care of an animal?” or “If they really cared for the animal they would give it to someone who could provide better.”  These thoughts have crossed my mind more times than I’d like to admit growing up here in Portland, but I can honestly say in the year and half I’ve been under the Bridge, I’ve never thought that.  This is what I have learned:

Dogs are protection.

This might seem like a “duh” statement.  But really think about it, if you are homeless, what is there to protect you while you sleep?  There are no walls, no doors, you are completely exposed.  Everyone knows where you are and that you are getting a few hours of rest.  Could you relax in that sort of environment?  A dog is a visible sign, “I’m protected.”  If you are going to mess with someone, homeless or otherwise, your first target isn’t going to be the person with the dog.

Dogs are warmth.

Google tells me the average low temperature in January is 34F, just above freezing.  If you are outside with the clothes on your back (and lucky enough to have a sleeping bag) you might be okay.  But chances are your clothes are wet from the 5.4 inches of rain we’ll receive and a dog is an instant heating blanket.  Anyone how has snuggled with a dog knows this, they ooze heat.

Dogs are companionship.

In a world that ignores you, walks across the street to avoid you and won’t look you in the eye and smile.  A dog can be the only friend a person has.  Someone who loves them regardless of the fact they smell bad or are using again or can’t seem to find a job.  They fearlessly protect, curl up beside you and will give you sloppy kisses regardless of where you sleep at night.  There is an emotional bond there.

That is all fine and dandy for the human, but what about the dog?

I firmly believe that if there are people on the streets, there will be dogs on the street as well.  And let’s be honest, chances are these dogs aren’t purebred dogs.  They are from the streets as well.  Or those rescued from abuse.  Or were a part of someone’s family before times got tough and that person ended up on the streets.  But I do know, it’s one less dog in a shelter and one less dog getting put down.  And I’m okay with that.  [I know one guest who ended up with a puppy, because he came across some kids electrocuting him.]

Dogs are a great asset on the street.  I hope you see this. That is why at Night Strike we are committed to providing relief not only to our guests, but to their pets as well.  We want to love people where they are at and if they show up under the Bridge with a pet, we are going to love that pet as well.  One of the many stations we operate, is a pet food station.  Where we provide pet food, treats and sometimes supplies.  This came about after realizing that some guests were feeding their dogs first, before feeding themselves.  We want to meet everyone’s hunger issues under the Bridge, guests and pets alike.

We want to see this station grow a mobile medical clinic, where we could have veterinarians come in and serve our guests and their pets.  Getting fixed, checking out wounds and lumps would be a huge asset to our mission.

What can you do?

  1. Come volunteer.
  2. Donate to the Beyond the Bridge fund to help build a mobile medical clinic.
  3. Donate in kind.  We have a huge need for pet food right now.  We are all out.  And when we are out, we can’t offer this station.

We’ve raised $1,000 in 24 hours.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I’m on a mission.

I’m on a mission.  To raise $27,000K for Night Strike by August 27, 2013.  My Golden 27th Birthday.  And I need your help.

There, I said it.

I’ve been thinking and praying about this since September 2012.  It’s haunted me.  Today is January 27, 2013.  Exactly seven months from my deadline.

“What would Night Strike look like?”  ”How would it be different?”  ”How many lives could be changed?”

With an extra $27,000 we can build a mobile medical clinic, provide additional services like: dentists and veterinarians (in addition to medical support) for Portland’s most vulnerable group – the homeless or “guests”.  We will also be able to provide training for volunteers to walk with guests through the process of transformation, all while being transformed themselves.  I want to make this happen and I would love for you to join with me.

That is 27 people donating $1,000.

Or 270 people donating $100.

Or 1080 people donating $25.

We can do this.  (Make sure you select “Beyond the Bridge” as the Purpose of the Gift).

Want to learn more about Night Strike?  Check out this video:

Want to join the story?  Here is how you can help:

  • Participate: Come to Night Strike.  Volunteer. Serve others.
  • Provide:  Donate money to the cause.  (Make sure you select “Beyond the Bridge” as the Purpose of the Gift).
  • Pray: For this cause.  Night Strike.  The Volunteers. The Guests. Portland.
  • Promote:  Share this story.  Facebook.  Twitter. Email. Word of Mouth.

I’m hoping to use this blog to keep supporters up to date on the mission.  I’ll also be posted on Twitter (#27kby27).  I also want to education people about the many myths about being homeless here in Portland.  So please come back often.  As questions, share your thoughts and get involved.  Thank you.

Seriously, thank you.

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