End of February Update!

It’s been a crazy-awesome-exciting first month of fundraising!  So far we’ve raised $1,510 in the first month.  I’ve been completely blown away by the generosity of my family and friends.  Thank you so much!

Yesterday, was my half birthday!  Marking that we are just 6 months away from our goal.  We still need to raise $25,490 to reach our goal and build a mobile medical clinic.  We can totally do this.

Have a suggestion on how to raise money?  Willing to do a guest blog post?  Speaker opportunity?  Leave a comment below and let me know, I’m  all ears.

Speaking of guest blog posts, earlier this week my friend Nate Damm, who walked across America and blogged about it, let me do a guest blog post about how one year can change someone’s life.  I encourage you to go read the story of my friend, Los, who in a year went from being a homeless and recently released inmate to saving lives and working at a great non-profit, Shower to the People.

Los, with some donations for Shower to the People

Los, with some donations for Shower to the People

 Please go read Los’ story and leave a comment on how you feel free today.

We have some exciting stuff coming up in March.  I’m confident awesome things are going to happen soon.  Here’s how you can be part of the action of changing people’s lives:

1.  Come volunteer at Night Strike, become part of the story.

2.  Donate to help build a mobile medical clinic.

3.  Let me know if you have an idea of how to fundraise.

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Valentine’s Night Recap

It’s been one week since Valentine’s Day and I’m still swimming in the love I felt last weekend under the Bridge!

Eric, with his sister, Casey, who is rocking her carnation.

Eric, with his sister, Casey, who is rocking her carnation.

First of all, Eric, who is on leadership gave out carnations to all the women on leadership.  What an awesome guy and even more amazing gesture.  Nothing like starting your night off feeling special.

Michelle and her son handing out cupcakes

Michelle and her son handing out cupcakes

Then Michelle and her son showed up with over 300 cupcakes and a poster board sign asking, “Will you be our Valentine?”  How sweet is that?  They handed out tons of delicious cupcakes to guests who were getting dinner in the food line.

Fundraising super stars!

Fundraising super stars!

Finally, I met these four kids, who have been raising money by going door-to-door asking for donations to buy sleeping bags for our guests.  They’ve even got their church involved by making a video and setting up a fund.  So far they’ve donated over 500 sleeping bags to Night Strike!  They came with their parents and donated over 80 sleeping bags on Valentine’s Day!

I went to bed on Valentine’s Night so filled with love I thought my heart would burst.  Here are three examples of seemingly small and simple gestures that made a huge impact not only in my life but in the lives of others.

Here are some ways you can show love to others.

  1. Come and volunteer with Night Strike.  Come love on people, because people matter.
  2. Donate to Beyond the Bridge and help us build a mobile medical clinic so we can show people love in a tangible way.
  3. Do something small out of love for someone else, with no expectation of getting something in return.

What are you doing to make other’s feel loved?

You put a great amount of stress on your body from the

how to apply for christmas help for low income families

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Christmas decorating often means trimming the tree tecfe.ca, draping garland on the stair rail and carefully hanging stockings by the fireplace. The dining table, the stage for your holiday feast, is covered with a tablecloth while its chairs are left bare and void of good cheer. Spread more holiday goodwill and decorate the dining chairs for Christmas..

Among the were many wealthy residents,” reads Montgomery County The Second Hundred Years. Another positive draw to the new shopping center was its free parking. “Press release from the late 1920s mention the freedom from tickets as an asset of Suburban Square,” adds The Second Hundred Years.

What does this type of behavior really mean if anything? Parents, psychologists, and even kids themselves are struggling with this question. Through feminism and the burgeoning men’s movement Cheap Canada Goose, we’ve blurred what used to be recognized as the line between male and female roles. Today, few adults would question a girl who would rather play with a soccer ball than with Barbie.

Municipal government offices will be closed on Christmas Day, Wednesday Canada Goose Outlet, December 25. Street cleaning/alternate side parking, permit parking regulations, and parking meters will not be enforced on Wednesday. The Parking Utility will close at 4:00pm on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24.

CHRIST mas falls towards the end of December and NOT November so why the materialistic mega frenzied Hype?. Be warned most plastic toys and Christmas goods, (sold even from some very well known high street shops) are nearly all MADE IN CHINA. (Britain produces and manufactures next to nowt these days.

He was an instant winner on the amateur circuit and soon became an international Formula Racer champion. The ladies love Francesco open wheels, youngsters look up to his winning spirit and fellow racers envy his speed. But Francesco biggest fan is Francesco himself, as evidenced by his racing number.

Is my ministry and I love being Michael Jackson in the play Canada Goose Sale, Brewer said. Used to dance around like him in my PJ for my parents when I was little. I been studying how he moves for seven years that a long time. They allow a website to recognize a previous visit each time the visitor accesses the site; they track what information is viewed on a site which helps website administrators ensure visitors find what they are looking for. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police uses sessional and/or persistent digital markers on some portions of its website. During your on line visit, your browser exchanges data with The Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Web server