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Denver might missed the playoff this season (it happens a lot

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Lorraine is survived by her 2 stepsons: Richard “Peppy” and

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There are still a lot of variables that need to be addressed

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BridgeTown Inc.

150x150-BridgeTown-Inc.-Portland-Oregon“I get that you do Night Strike, but what is BridgeTown?”

BridgeTown, Inc. is the non-profit that runs Night Strike.  You see, Night Strike is just one of the many things that BridgeTown, Inc. does.

BridgeTown Story

The journey of BridgeTown Inc began with two strangers, both having a burdened heart for the Portland area and both having a hopeful promise of change to come for the welfare of the city.  The two met at a state-wide convention where they began to share the promises and challenges they heard the Lord speak to them.  Ken Vanderhoff, who is on leadership at Neighborhood Church, shared his frustrations at the recent closing of another local Portland church, and how he found in that frustration a challenge, to use his church to bring change to the city.  Marshall Snider, who at the time held a job as a youth pastor in central Oregon, shared his recent feelings of preparation for change to come for him and his family; as well as, his growing heart for the Portland area.

Before long, Marshall resigned from his position and the family moved to Portland where with the collaboration and support from Ken and the Neighborhood Church, BridgeTown Inc. began.  As BridgeTown began to take life and Ken and the Snider’s prayed for how to serve Portland and how BridgeTown would be best used for the Kingdom’s glory.

They were brought to the account in Ezekiel chapter 37 where God takes Ezekiel to a valley of dry bones and asked the prophet a question, “Son of man can these dry bones live?”  The answer is what has driven the mission and vision of BridgeTown ever since.  Ezekiel answered “Oh God You know.”  So that is how they began to pray “Oh God you know”.  You know what needs to happen in Portland.  You know what will reach people here.  “Oh God You know.”  Little by little God began to show them their purpose and their mission.

He directed them to start Night Strike; and what started with a small family standing under the Burnside bridge with a few sandwiches and a bucket for washing feet, grew into hundreds of volunteers both inside and outside of the church and it now reaches hundreds of homeless people in our community every week. Then Transformation Trips began, allowing people from across the country to experience the revolution that occurs in hearts through the love and service of BridgeTown Inc.

BridgeTown Inc. was able to launch BTown Kid’s location and are now able to love and serve hundreds of kids and families in north Portland each year.  As God opens doors and opportunities arise, BridgeTown Inc. continues to expand their reach and touch lives in the community; inspiring and equipping them to maintain the mission in their own community so the service may sustain and happen everywhere people are, not just in Portland, Oregon.

The story and journey of BridgeTown is dynamic and continually growing and changing.  We have partnered and are continuing to partner with local churches in the Portland area.  Marshall travels to churches, camps and conferences shares the BridgeTown journey while challenging others to be the influence that they were created to be.


The strategy of BridgeTown is a simple one: to be active.

Bridgetown Inc. strives to validate people from every origin and background through continual love, relationship and service.  We desire to walk alongside the people in our community to help carry and relieve their burdens, struggles and needs.

The following are various outlets we work through to provide relief to the needs of those around us:

Night Strike  (This is what where I serve.)

Night Strike is a unique opportunity for people to gather under the Burnside Bridge on the park side of Naito Parkway every Thursday night and love people because people matter. It’s an opportunity for members of Portland’s homeless community to hang out, enjoy a hot meal, receive a free hair cut, shave, have their feet washed and have their old shoes/clothes/sleeping bags replaced. It is also a chance for you to come down and share in the experience, help serve the needs of the homeless in our community, and more importantly, invest in lives and build relationships with the people you meet.

In the near future we’ll be offering a mobile medical clinic to provide medical, dental, veterinary and ID services, with your help!

Transformation Trips

A 5-day learning environment that will challenge, impact and encourage all who participate.  This environment provides an in-depth and eye-opening overview of inner-city mission through an immersed hands-on approach.  Participants experience various opportunities to love, learn, serve and grow as they come into contact with a diverse range of people and participate in various outreaches and experiences in downtown Portland, OR.

BTown Kids

BTown Kids is a high-energy, site-based ministry focused on loving kids in Portland.  Every Saturday from June through August the BTown Kids teams go into two of the lower-income apartment communities in Portland to sing songs, play games, engage, and share love with hundreds of kids in the area.  We have the incredible gift of a converted truck and another trailer, which we use as mobile platforms to communicate two things: (1) kids are loved, and (2) kids have what it takes to be successful in life.  Each site provides a fun-filled, character-challenging program, which includes: music, a light snack, games, prizes and other fun activities.  All of our lessons are created to build character in a fun and accepting environment and are tailored to the kids who come to the various sites.  Our kids come from all walks of life and religious (non-religious) homes.  It is our desire that everyone feels welcome and has a blast.  Feel free to come play with us!

The journey continues. “Oh God you know.”

Volunteering with the homeless might not be your thing, but consider volunteering with BTown Kids?

I think the case is out for that and I think it’s a subject

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My clothes go directly to shelters;my daughter’s will be given

how to ride your bike in style

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