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Faces under the Bridge

“Why don’t you have more photos on your blog?”

Is a question I get asked a lot when looking for feedback on Beyond the Bridge.  The truth is, it’s hard to get photos of our guests.  It goes against homeless culture and a lot of guests don’t like having their photos taken for any reason.  We even talk about this at orientation asking volunteers not to take photos.

That being said, I snapped some photos in celebration the last couple of weeks to share.  This is what success looks like under the Bridge!  Meet:



He and his brother (who’s handicapped) have been on and off the streets for about nine months now.  They’ve been coming under the Bridge to get resources (haircuts and new clothes for interviews) and to work with our team to find employment.  I love that Luis always reminds me that his future job is in God’s time and that he can’t wait to come “manage” Night Strike once he has employment as an act of thanksgiving to God for always providing.  A couple of weeks ago, I was checking in with him and he told me that he had found a job at a local hotel and will be back under the Bridge as a volunteer!



Gary, he used to show up under the Bridge, drunk and looking for food.  Through relationships with volunteers, he entered rehab, cleaned up and bought a car.  He still shows up under the Bridge to check in with his friends and share his number with us.  This photo was snapped last week, celebrating 101 days of sobriety.  That’s triple digits!

These are just two of the success stories I get the opportunity to hear about each week under the Bridge.  Want to help create more stories of success?

1.  Speak encouragement into the lives of people around you.

2. Come volunteer at Night Strike or another at-risk location.

3. Donate to help build a mobile medical clinic to take Night Strike’s service offerings to the next level.

The wind kicked up after noon

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All of this interior progress is going to prepare you to say

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How do we heal major betrayals when sorry isn enough?

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Guest Post: Man vs. Debt

Baker and I at World Domination Summit 2011!

Baker and I at World Domination Summit 2011!

I’ve got another guest blog post for you!  My friends at Man vs. Debt let me steal their site for a bit to talk to readers about staying where you are and doing good.  How it is important to invest in the community where you live.  Man vs. Debt is all about doing what you love.  Their message is simple, the first step to living a life of passion and purpose is removing barriers that hold you back.  For Baker (and his wife, Courtney) this was financial debt and clutter.  Their motto is: Sell your crap, pay off your debt, and do what you love.

In the blog post, I asked, “What is your heart issue?”

What bothers you? What injustice do you see around you? What do you think is hopeless?

For me, it was knowing that the city I love is “home” to the largest population of homeless people in the US.  That this community of people don’t have access to medical care.

Then ask… What do I know about this?

That programs like Night Strike are helping to change this story here in Portland.

Then: What can I do about it?

Get involved.  Volunteer. Build a mobile medical clinic!

Then go do it.

Joan, the Community Manager at Man vs. Debt took it even farther and asked:

The real question isn’t “Can you make a difference?”

The question is…

WILL you make a difference?

Even if you don’t become an expert skier with some of the

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The analysis, context, colour, facts, behind the scenes

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