“And when he choked up talking about his late father

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The teeth were prepared by one operator and the crowns were

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Experts believe it will take a while for the state to realize

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Most of the East Indian families in Mumbai

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Fundraiser: Nails

True story.  I’m not a big fan of painting my nails.  Painted nails feel weird when I rock climb, get chewed up during home improvement projects and it just takes so stinking long to dry!  I’m just too impatient for them to set.  That being said, nail painting is a huge part of building relationships under the Bridge.  For that reason, our volunteers and guests are able to sit down, have a conversation that lasts longer than “Would you like …{food or clothing item}?”  These conversations over hand washing and nail painting and then the wait time of drying allow our volunteers to love on our guests.  Hear their needs, wants and dreams.  Gives the volunteers the ability to pray, serve, and adore our guests.  It really is a magical spot under the Bridge.


We are wrapping up our month long fundraiser at Venus Allure Salon and Spa.  And I’m heading off to Boston to celebrate my five year college reunion.  I figured I would take advantage of allowing myself to be pampered, feel good while doing good and get my nails done for my reunion.  Here are what my nails looked like before I got them done.

pre nails

Here is what they looked like after adding a coat of my alma mater’s colors to them.

post nailsPretty!

There is just two days left of the Venus Allure Salon and Spa Fundraiser.  Make sure you head over there soon to get your nails done!  (Or come to Night Strike and get them done there!)  If it’s your first time coming to Venus Allure make sure you mention the mobile medical clinic so a percentage of your service goes helping transformation in the city of Portland.

Interested in doing a fundraiser to help build a mobile medical clinic here in Portland?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment below.

“I will fight until my last breath

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Then Scotty down the street. Soon there were five or six of them who would go out every night, after supper, for a loop around Baxter Boulevard, which circles Portland’s Back Cove. Eddie, who lives across the street with his wife and two young children, even rides to his job at Wal Mart sometimes.

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What’s $100?

As of today, World Domination Summit is 37 of days away.  I don’t know about you but I’m seriously excited to share my hometown with all my friends and soon-to-be friends.  This also means those of you who attended World Domination Summit last year have 37 of days left to spend the $100 Investment Chris gave out at the end of the Summit in the guiding principles of:$100




Chris posted on his blog, The Art of Non-Conformity, this question: What will be the long-term effects of this act?

People are doing amazing things with their investment.  Joel built a school in Guatemala, there is a WDS Kiva Group that has invested over $3,575 and many people started businesses.  All wicked exciting, kick ass projects and investments.

But there are still a few people who haven’t done anything with their $100 investment.  I’m calling you out.  And offering you a solution (or a solicitation) for your investment.

Come help us build a mobile medical clinic here in Portland.

We need your help, your $100 to make this happen.

It’s simple, Night Strike’s mission is to provide relief, mobilization and transformation.  With an extra $27,000 we can build a mobile medical clinic, provide additional services like: dental and veterinarian services (in addition to medical support) as well as training for volunteers to walk with guests through the process of transformation, all while being transformed themselves.

If you’ve already spent your $100 Investment, leave a comment letting us know what you did with the money.

If you haven’t already spent your $100, please, consider donating to help build a mobile medical clinic here in Portland.

While you are in town for WDS, come to Night Strike and say hi!

Thank you!

Stations: Hair Cutting

“If you have any experience cutting hair, please raise your hand and let us know.  Any type of experience, cutting your kids hair or your own.  Please raise your hand.  Thank you!”

We make this announcement every week Thursday night before we break up into service groups at Night Strike.  Cutting hair is a skill and it is a need under the Bridge.  As someone on Night Strike’s Leadership Team, we are required to have worked every station before becoming a full-fledged leader.  I’ve worked hair cutting just once.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lead the station before a handful of times, I’ve just cut hair only once.  You see, I don’t have the skill needed to cut hair.  One lovely guest pointed that out while I was buzzing his head.  He was really nice about it, but it was enough for me to feel confident in the fact that a career as a hair stylist wasn’t for me.

That is the great thing about Night Strike, we are all about getting you outside your element, “messing you up” as Zach puts it, and making your uncomfortable, because when you are uncomfortable you grow.

The thing about not being the best hair cutter, nail painter, or conversationalist at Night Strike is that you are still doing something.  You are still showing up, being the hands and feet of God, loving another human being and making a difference in the world.  That counts for something.  God sees it, the Leadership at Night Strike sees it, our guests see it and you feel it.

A few things about hair cuts:

1.  We are super clean about it.  We use a ton of barbicide (that blue stuff hair dressers use).

2.  It opens our guests up for conversations.  What they are looking for when it comes to a hair cut, self expression and who they are.

3.  It cleans them up.  A chance to get their hair brushed and usually cut for a special occasion.  Job interviews or visitation with their kids are big ones.

One top of hair cuts, we offer shaves for the men.  They can come get their breads trimmed, shaved and cleaned up.  We have a bunch of hansom fellas by the end of the night.

If you have this skill (or any particular skill), please consider it to help make a change here in Portland or where ever you live.  If you don’t, please consider donating financially to help build a mobile medical clinic here in Portland.

Also, if you yourself need a hair cut, please head to Venus Allure Salon and Spa and mention the mobile medical clinic for a portion of your service to help build this mobile medical clinic.  They do awesome work there.

Both sides were guilty of crooked lineouts and Ireland used the

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