I’m on a mission.

I’m on a mission.  To raise $27,000K for Night Strike by August 27, 2013.  My Golden 27th Birthday.  And I need your help.

There, I said it.

I’ve been thinking and praying about this since September 2012.  It’s haunted me.  Today is January 27, 2013.  Exactly seven months from my deadline.

“What would Night Strike look like?”  ”How would it be different?”  ”How many lives could be changed?”

With an extra $27,000 we can build a mobile medical clinic, provide additional services like: dentists and veterinarians (in addition to medical support) for Portland’s most vulnerable group – the homeless or “guests”.  We will also be able to provide training for volunteers to walk with guests through the process of transformation, all while being transformed themselves.  I want to make this happen and I would love for you to join with me.

That is 27 people donating $1,000.

Or 270 people donating $100.

Or 1080 people donating $25.

We can do this.  (Make sure you select “Beyond the Bridge” as the Purpose of the Gift).

Want to learn more about Night Strike?  Check out this video:

Want to join the story?  Here is how you can help:

  • Participate: Come to Night Strike.  Volunteer. Serve others.
  • Provide:  Donate money to the cause.  (Make sure you select “Beyond the Bridge” as the Purpose of the Gift).
  • Pray: For this cause.  Night Strike.  The Volunteers. The Guests. Portland.
  • Promote:  Share this story.  Facebook.  Twitter. Email. Word of Mouth.

I’m hoping to use this blog to keep supporters up to date on the mission.  I’ll also be posted on Twitter (#27kby27).  I also want to education people about the many myths about being homeless here in Portland.  So please come back often.  As questions, share your thoughts and get involved.  Thank you.

Seriously, thank you.


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