Why Night Strike

“What could Night Strike accomplish with $27,000?”

This question has been haunting me since September 2012.

“What would it look like?”  “How would it be different?”  “How many lives could be changed?”

Words like focus and serve come to mind.

BridgeTown’s mission is to provide relief, mobilization and transformation.  With an extra $27,000 we can build a mobile medical clinic, provide additional services like: dental and veterinarian services (in addition to medical support) as well as training for volunteers to walk with guests through the process of transformation, all while being transformed themselves.

I’m on a mission to make this happen.  $27,000K by August 27, 2013.  My Golden 27th Birthday.

Want to join me on this mission?

(Be sure to follow the journey on Twitter with the hashtag #27Kby27.  I’ll be posting updated and immediate needs as often as possible.)

Thank you.